Does the world need a Johnny Depp day? We say yes!

For one, the man is 50. 50! It is a shocking number for a leading
man that looks, and still plays, much younger than his actual age,
but also because he has had such a crazy career. He’s been in such a
long list of great movies, and so many of the roles have been more
unique and more interesting than standard Hollywood leading man stuff.

Many actors have set out on a journey to find interesting roles, and
you’d surely recognize some of them, you might even know their names,
but I’m fairly certain none of them have had the career Johnny has
had. In his first 6 years in the business he went from spin bikes A Nightmare on
Elm Street, to Platoon, to John Water’s Cry-Baby, to 21 Jump Street,
to Edward Scissorhands. He ended that run as a bonafide star, but had
already done a mix of commercial, and artistic, off-beat projects.
Amazingly, that run was over 20 years ago, which is what makes Depp’s
50th birthday so noteworthy. He has put in a lot of time, done a lot
of great work, but (by all appearances) has done it his way…and that
demands recognition! Happy 50th Johnny!


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Does the world need a Morgan Freeman day? We say yes!

Why do we love Morgan Freeman? As Hollywood’s go-to father figure and the on-screen embodiment of wisdom and trustworthiness in a string of major films over the last 26 years and counting, Morgan Freeman is a modern-day icon. Even just his speaking voice is instantly recognizable for its authoritative and calm resonance. Freeman’s first Academy Award nomination in 1987 for his role in “Street Smart” was only the beginning of his massive tinseltown success using best spin bikes, as he would go on to star in such acclaimed films as “The Shawshank Redemption” before finally taking home an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for 2005′s “Million Dollar Baby.”

Happy Birthday, Morgan – you’re 75 years young today!

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Does the world need a Cher day? We say yes!

Cher is unquestionably one of the greatest entertainers of all time – just take a look at her list of accomplishments and it’s quickly clear that few have ever achieved the lasting success and sustained public interest over so many years as the lady once known as Cherilyn Sarkisian has. Since her first musical releases in the 1960′s, Cher has again and again captured the spirit of the times – she’s the only musician in history to chart a number one single in six consecutive decades!

Generations of fans have thrilled to Cher’s music, from the folksy work of Sonny and Cher in the 60′s to her prominence in the disco era in the 70′s, and her pioneering use of auto-tune in the 90′s and beyond. She’s even become a fixture in Vegas, helping epitomize that city’s reputation as the heart of American entertainment, glamour and excess.

We love Cher because she’s a survivor, who’s been through so many ups and downs yet continues to thrive and achieve smashing successes year after year – and still looks amazing at age 67! She says she’s retiring from touring and performing soon, but it’s hard to believe that is really the case when you look back at how prolific she’s been. It’s as if she’s never stopped to take a rest since she first hit the stage at age 16!

Happy Birthday, Cher!…

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Does the world need a Jerry Seinfeld day? We say yes!

Grab your white sneakers, feather your hair, and grab a table at Monks (or on your couch) it is Jerry Seinfeld’s birthday on 4/29, and time for a Seinfeld birthday marathon.  The show about nothing is still as funny in syndication as any show on TV.  And, while Jerry thinks the perfect birthday gift is cash, we think that same syndication income means you don’t need to send him a dime.  So, check out all of the great Seinfeld content on Youtube in honor of Jerry turning 58!  You can catch his very early standup, the Pilot episode of Seinfeld (or the Seinfeld Chronicles–with bizzaro Mr. & Mrs. Seinfeld) and also catch his most recent work in the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series.

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Does the world need a Stephen Colbert day? We say yes!

Stephen Colbert’s comedic career has been built on his hilariously satirical portrayals of what he’s called “poorly informed, high-status idiots” – but Colbert himself is clearly no idiot. The massive success that he finally found at the helm of his wildly popular fake news show says as much about Colbert’s keen understanding of the state of the news media and the political climate in early-21st-century America as it does about his own undeniable talent as an actor and comedian.

Building on the know-nothing persona he developed as a correspondent on the uber-popular Comedy Central staple “The Daily Show,” Colbert has hosted “The Colbert Report” since 2005 in the character of a hyperbolic, blustery right-wing blowhard in an ongoing send-up of what he has called the “character driven news” that has taken over so many cable news networks.

The appeal of this character to fans has since been proven time and again with repeated demonstrations of just how wide Colbert’s pop culture footprint really is – thousands of people turned up for his fake political rally in Washington DC, and many people count the Daily Show and the Colbert Report as their primary sources of news each day.

Stephen Colbert has come, he has seen, and he has conquered, and he shows no signs of slowing down – so here’s hoping he never does!…

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