Essay About TV – How Do You Write It?

Television is one of the greatest gifts science has ever given us. It is one of those inventions that contributed to transforming human life in a significant way. The glowing tv now has a constant presence in our life. That’s why writing college papers about TV is a great topic: it raises good questions and stimulates dialog. But it’s not easy for everyone to write a good essay, sometimes you just have to order college papers for sale and let professionals do it for you.

Writing Essay About TV Commercials

It has become a means to connect to the world- one can sit on their comfortable sofa in their home and see the war happening on another end of the world. The TV has occupied an important place; staring at the screen a family bond on the weekends, a child is soothed by looking at funny colored creatures and a mother prepares her New Year dish by learning from weekly cooking shows.

essay about tv commercials

Advantages of TV

There is no doubt that TV is a great source of learning- new languages, different cultures, and skills. The latest trends, jewelry designs, and updates on the fashion world are brought to us through the TV. It is also a popular medium of entertainment; a whole new industry has emerged thanks to the presence of televisions in each household. Films, tv series, songs, news, and everything a person likes are available now.

International news brings the whole world to our disposition with a few clicks. Educational programs are an extraordinary way to build a character and expand a child’s mind. Documentaries and news provide a great source of learning and allow us to deepen our knowledge of a particular subject. But if this knowledge isn’t enough for a good grade try using the best college admission essay writing service that is available for you.

It gives us an excellent opportunity to learn about history, science, art, and politics. We become aware of everything that happens around the world within seconds. Sports programs, on the other hand, provide us with the inspiration and motivation to work hard and thrive in this progressive world.

In addition, TV helps us to feel relaxed. It makes us feel less isolated and provide certain health benefits by making us laugh, cry, smile, and be cheery.

Disadvantages of TV

Television can also present some negative consequences. The biggest one is spending too much time viewing it. The addiction to TV gets to the point that it becomes a priority not only for children but for some adults as well.

This creates a severe effect on physical as well as mental health. It pushes children away from nature, social gatherings, and playdates. The poor quality of content, like reality shows, flaunts the poor behavior of the contestants in the name of publicity and views.

It can bring severe mental consequences like making us feel antisocial and impacting our self-esteem. Spending excessive time on screen is also harmful to the eyesight as we compromise our sleep time and tire our eyes. Wasting our time is another negative aspect that deters us from creatively using our time on meaningful things.

There are a lot of manipulative and misleading ads pitched by sellers who based on the psychological findings try to sell their products. They use deceptive language and examples to exploit the viewer’s prediction about medical cures, weight loss pills, and expensive gift cars. The carefully crafted advertisements attach the viewer’s attention and stick it on the mental wall of the viewer.

Describing TV Violence in Essay

Violence on TV Another important aspect to take into consideration is the content displayed on the screen. People blame TV as a brainwashing device that throws the wrong ideas into people’s minds. A child developing brain is most likely to get influenced by what he or she sees on TV. Viewing violent content can make aggression look like a normal thing, affecting and influencing the child’s brain in a negative way.

In addition, children are prone to imitate the behavior that they view regularly and this can cause some devastating and long-lasting results. The studies also show that excessive use can contribute to lower grades, sleep issues, and low moral behaviors.

The role of guardians and parents is significant here as they must take into account the quality of content to which their children are being exposed and reflect the possible effect on their child’s minds.


Television like every other invention has positive as well as negative aspects. It all comes down to how we decide to use it; using it wisely will prove it to be an amazing resource of knowledge while uncontrolled use can have seriously harmful consequences. After all, our personal determination and choices impact our lives in a subtler way than we can imagine.