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Johnny Depp

For one, the man is 50. 50! It is a shocking number for a leading man that looks, and still

Morgan Freeman

Why do we love Morgan Freeman? As Hollywood’s go-to father figure and the on-screen embodiment of wisdom and trustworthiness in


Cher is unquestionably one of the greatest entertainers of all time – just take a look at her list of

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert’s comedic career has been built on his hilariously satirical portrayals of what he’s called “poorly informed, high-status idiots”

Jerry Seinfeld

Grab your white sneakers, feather your hair, and grab a table at Monks (or on your couch) it is Jerry

Al Pacino

Pacino. The man is a legend. He’s delivered some of the greatest performances, in the greatest roles, in the greatest