How to Quote a TV Show in an Essay

Television shows are easily forgotten by many writers when writing essays about TV and sometimes the major reason for failing to include them in the text is the lack of knowledge on how to cite them in the text. It is important to note that just like books Tv shows can be quoted too. There are several ways to quote them some of which are discussed here.

1.Use of italics when writing down the title of the show

The use of italics is a common way to cite titles of various works such as:

  • Television shows
  • Books
  • Radio shows
  • Movies
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers

Now that television shows are inclusive, you may ask yourself how do you go about it? Very easy, whenever you want to quote a particular show, italicize the title. This kind of citation has been done over and over by nearly everyone because it’s much simpler to use. You can check out various articles over the internet you can not miss out this method. Although this method might be difficult on paper where one is using bare hands and making your handwriting look italicized is a maze altogether. However, where bare hands are used then underline your title carefully so that it is visible. Eg, Dawn of the Truth or Dawn of the Truth

Examples on how to quote a TV show in an essay

2.Begin with the title of the episode under double quotation marks

MLA format requires you to begin with the title of the episode under double quotation marks. You can now follow up the name of the series in italics. In some cases where the title of the collection of recordings is different from the original series say; the show “Mark the Wonderer” was done in DVD release under the title “Mark the Wonderer: The Complete Fifth Season”. List down the title, distributors name followed by the date of its release. For example:

“Dawn of the Truth”
Mark the Wonderer: The Complete Fifth Season,
Written by Stephen Hawkings and J. Bob Peterson,
Directed by James Collymore, Sony Pictures, 2019.

3.Issue the name of the creator followed by the date of publication

This method especially falls under APA formatting style. It is an easy method to apply. Start by giving out the name of the author followed by the date of publication or rather some kind of timestamp. For instance; Bobby Woods vividly explains how tropical countries experience a large prevalence in malaria over the last century together with how to overcome this disease. (Breakfast with the Club by Beccy Anderson, 2018,7:14)

Now here we have a quote from Bobby Woods on a show named Breakfast with the Club hosted by Beccy Anderson with a timestamp of 7:14 which means it occurred at 7 minutes and 14 seconds on the program. You can also be able to notice whatever year this program was taking place, in our case it took place in the year 2018. APA requires that this standard be implemented for both audio and visual.

Armed with this knowledge, you can go forward and choose the best way to go about quoting tv shows in a text.