It's Jerry Seinfeld's Birthday This Week

Images under CC BY-SA 3.0 & CC BY 2.0. Watch on YouTube.  Additional data from Wikipedia and Direct2TV.

Does the world need a Jerry Seinfeld day? We say yes!

Grab your white sneakers, feather your hair, and grab a table at Monks (or on your couch) it is Jerry Seinfeld’s birthday on 4/29, and time for a Seinfeld birthday marathon.  The show about nothing is still as funny in syndication as any show on TV.  And, while Jerry thinks the perfect birthday gift is cash, we think that same syndication income means you don’t need to send him a dime.  So, check out all of the great Seinfeld content on Youtube in honor of Jerry turning 58!  You can catch his very early standup, the Pilot episode of Seinfeld (or the Seinfeld Chronicles–with bizzaro Mr. & Mrs. Seinfeld) and also catch his most recent work in the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series.