Mad Men Cast in Vintage Chevy Vega Ad

Hat tips to Mad Men IMDB, Wikipedia, Rasertech. Images via CC BY-SA 3.0 & CC BY 2.0.

What do GM and Chevrolet have to do with Mad Men?

Did you catch the Easter Egg hidden in last week’s episode of Mad Men (Season 6, Episode 6)? The ad campaigns depicted over the show’s history have always drawn from real products and advertisements, and with last week’s reveal that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and Cutler Gleason & Chaough have landed the account for the top secret new car from Chevrolet, code-named the XP-887, the rest of Season 6 could be filled with initial success followed by disaster for all those involved.

Why? Because in real life, the XP-887 is the General Motors-backed Chevy Vega, which sold millions in its first year before its unreliable engine and propensity to rust finally led to massive consumer dissatisfaction, a severe drop in sales numbers and even recalls of thousands of the cars.

The Mad Men thrive on challenges and if history is any guide, the ad campaign for the Vega will be highly successful at first – but any whiskey used to toast the massive numbers of Vegas sold in the car’s first year could be getting swilled to dull the pain of a massive failure more quickly than anyone on Mad Men can imagine!