Does the world need a Johnny Depp day? We say yes!

For one, the man is 50. 50! It is a shocking number for a leading
man that looks, and still plays, much younger than his actual age,
but also because he has had such a crazy career. He’s been in such a
long list of great movies, and so many of the roles have been more
unique and more interesting than standard Hollywood leading man stuff.

Many actors have set out on a journey to find interesting roles, and
you’d surely recognize some of them, you might even know their names,
but I’m fairly certain none of them have had the career Johnny has
had. In his first 6 years in the business he went from spin bikes A Nightmare on
Elm Street, to Platoon, to John Water’s Cry-Baby, to 21 Jump Street,
to Edward Scissorhands. He ended that run as a bonafide star, but had
already done a mix of commercial, and artistic, off-beat projects.
Amazingly, that run was over 20 years ago, which is what makes Depp’s
50th birthday so noteworthy. He has put in a lot of time, done a lot
of great work, but (by all appearances) has done it his way…and that
demands recognition! Happy 50th Johnny!


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