Things to Remember When Teaching Essay Writing

Essay writing is an essential skill for everyone. This is why teaching it to students, especially to those who will do it for the first time, is a crucial task. Written below are the things that you should remember when teaching essay writing.


The first thing to teach the students is choosing a genre of the essay. Before this, however, students must know the different kinds of genres. Knowing all types will let them distinguish one from the other, and will eventually lead them to the kind they prefer.

Before the student can choose the genre, they need to know their choices. For this reason, a discussion about the different types of essay genre needs explanation. These are Narrative, Expository, Descriptive, and Argumentative/Persuasive. Upon explaining these, it will be essential to give them samples, not only to make them understand further but also to help them choose the genre they prefer for their essay writing task.

Also, you can even let them discuss the different types of essays by dividing them into groups. That way, each student can hear the opinion of another to help further in deciding the genre of their choice. Another tip is to advise your students to choose a topic that matters to them, something that they can relate to or something related to their experience.


The parts of an essay should be explained to them before the writing process itself. Teaching the students how to write a strong introduction starts first. It is advisable to give samples of an introduction. Further, you should explain how it became compelling and how they can apply it with their essay.

Writing a strong thesis comes next because this will serve as the core of their essay writing. Everything they will include in the essay should be composed following their thesis statement and so explaining the thesis is essential as well.

Next is to teach them to introduce and support the claims for their essay. Adequate knowledge about this is the key to creating a good body. Lastly, let your students understand the value of a powerful conclusion by explaining to them that it will be the turning point on how their essay writing will go.


The process of essay writing requires constant guidance, especially for students who will be writing their essays for the first time. It is ideal to start the writing process so that the students can prepare ahead of time.

Another thing to remember is to discuss with them beforehand the value of brainstorming to generate ideas. Remind them that those who do some brainstorming before writing will most likely compose great content for their essay. You should also instruct students about organizing their thoughts so that their essays will turn out to be structured and in sequence.

Lastly, use exercises to help them develop their essay writing skills. Use in-class writing for idea development, a regular essay posting, and even homework, all to practice them so that they’d be able to write better. Lastly, revision classes to correct their works shouldn’t be disregarded as well.